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Mini Vacuum Sealer

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1. Easy to operate, no air leakage, really fresh.
2. Solve the problem of food preservation.
3. The operation is simple, and the elderly can operate easily.
4. Super large section rapid vacuum pumping table and durable performance.

Product Information:

Layout diameter: 5.5CM
Rated power: 2.5W
Rated voltage: 5V
Packaging volume: 58mm*58mm*118mm
Shell material: ABS
Weight: 145g
Product Category: Vacuum Machine
Color: K01 white vacuum machine, K01 blue vacuum machine, K02 white vacuum machine, K02 blue vacuum machine, K01 white host + 5 vacuum bags, K01 blue host + 5 vacuum bags, K02 white host +5 vacuum bags, K02 blue host + 5 vacuum bags
Power supply: USB
Function: vacuum
Packing List:

Vacuum machine*1 Or Vacuum machine*1 Vacuum bag*5

Size Information:

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